CMS360 Program

Get Your Tech Business Investor Ready

Designed specifically to help tech start-ups, the CMS360 Program will help you to wow investors!

What you’ll get out of this transformational program

The CMS360 program exists to support high growth businesses, entrepreneurs and established companies to become investor ready in preparation for the next stage of their business. The program also provides tools, support and best practices for ongoing management. 

It caters to launching a new business, moving to the next level of an existing business or entering new markets. The program is designed to mitigate operational risk and drive durability of a company.

CMS360 Program

Our Unique 3-Part System

CMS360 Framework

The CMS360 Framework

Our inestor-readines framework identifies 21 distinct topics across 7 core business themes.

The result of analysing all these aspects will allow you to develop plans and practices that we collectively call the Ozone Model: 

  • Organisational Design
  • Operational Plan
  • Operational Management. 
CMS360 Planning Workbook

The Planning Workbook

Work towards a perfect 10 score for your business across each of the 7 core business themes with our detailed planning workbook. 

The scoring process is a highly effective way of bringing your team to consensus, ensuring you have considered all topics, and to ensure blind spots do not appear as you operate your business. 

CMS360 Community

Help, Support & Accountability

In addition the core framework, workbook, guide notes and instructional resources, the program provides interactive support through our private Facebook group, instructional videos, and regular content from a wide range business experts.

Whatever you need to get to the next level. We've got you covered.

Who is it For?

The CMS360 program is designed to help you get your tech start-up ready and attractive to investors. The framework also works for scale-ups, mid-size businesses and corporates. If you are an ambitious entrepreneurs looking to expand CMS360 is for you. The program is also ideal for students or other individuals that are not currently running a business but wish to learn practical methods for business management. 

High growth start-ups and scale-ups will benefit directly from understanding the mechanics of next-stage organisational design, operational planning and operational management. Indeed such businesses operate at a high-risk stage and often do not have the budget to hire sufficiently experienced operating management. 

Mid-size businesses and corporates will benefit from the program by learning new ways to go about managing change across the organisation. In addition you will be accessing current best practices modelled on the needs of high-growth businesses that must adapt quickly or face acquisition or extinction. 

Students and individuals that are not currently running a business will benefit by tapping into methods and practices that are more practical than academic. We believe this will drive and support entrepreneurs of the future.

“The module on business modelling has already helped me enormously and I’m so excited to access the funding club and other benefits.”

Nina Tumanishvili, Founder of HelloHub

“The program had immediate effect on developing our business and how we work with clients. Top marks and highly recommended!”

Peyman Mo, Founder of Harvey Milton Consulting

Why CMS360?

Establishing strong processes for planning and management is critical to securing investment funding in today’s complex environment. Because it is so complex, there is widespread lack of understanding of how to do these activities effectively and this leads to the majority of businesses underperforming, going out of business or getting ‘stuck’ at certain levels.

The program will be highly beneficial in any of the following stages of your business development:

  • Getting to idea stage
  • Going from idea to revenue
  • Going from revenue to break-even
  • Going from break-even to growth
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Designing a go-to-market strategy
  • Launching new products
  • Introducing new innovations
  • Reorganizing your team
  • Joining an accelerated growth program
  • Positioning for funding
  • Business transformation
  • Merger or acquisition

More specifically, the program enables you to accomplish the following for the next stage of your business: 

  • Develop your business model and shared vision (or re-assess these for an existing business)
  • Design the operational structure and vision for your organisation
  • Define and manage requirements for new or improved information systems and applications
  • Define all people aspects of your business (customers, employees, partners)
  • Define all business processes e.g. sales, marketing, customer support, order to cash, product management, governance
  • Develop financial plans, projections and capital requirements
  • Define ongoing sustainability aspects of your business (including legal, risk, compliance)
  • Develop an operating plan to get you to the next stage starting with a 90-day action plan
  • Establish an ongoing process to monitor progress and review strategy and operations across your business. 

“Azfar has brought masses of insight into this program and the key learnings are going to be invaluable for the scale-ups we work with.”

Ian Collins, Founder of Radium Consulting

“The practices taught here will serve me for years! Nothing else, even our accelerator program, teaches you practical ways to manage and scale a business!”

Daniela Castellanos, Founder of Castellanos Ethnic Origins

What's Included?

The CMS360 Program includes core assets plus ongoing support, resources and community to make sure you achieve your goals and get inestor ready.

Digital Workbook

To guide your planning; paper workbook if needed (p&p extra).

Guide Notes  

Across the 7 business themes:  

  • Business Model 
  • Creative  
  • Media  
  • Systems  
  • People  
  • Financials
  • Sustainability 

Scoring system

Cross-check your progress towards developing your 90-day plan and for ongoing management.

Instructional Videos

  • Live presentations from experts and experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Bite-sized video tutorials (new and past recorded) on mechanics of the program.
  • Periodic bite-sized video snippets related to mind-set and staying focused.


Hands-on Support

Inside the private Facebook community.

Private Facebook Community

Frameworks From Global Experts

Access To The Funding Club

150,000 Angel investors, VC'S, PE firms, matching platforms, loans and alternative funding options who may be willing to support your next stage plan (brokerage fees may apply) 

And Much More...

  • Additional frameworks from global experts.
  • Access specially sourced technology and marketing solutions.

Premium Members' Only Services

(Available At Additional Cost)

Expert Review & Feedback

Review of your draft and final plans by one of our resident experts.

CCM Club

Specially selected Coaches, Consultants and Mentors who can support you to solve specific challenges.

Mastermind Group Coaching

Mastermind group for a minimum of 6 months with limited group members and a bi-weekly call.

1:1 Coaching and Ongoing Support

Private coaching for a minimum of 6 months with a bi-weekly call or monthly in person meeting. 

Ongoing management support available for 12 months (typically a day spread over each month).

Your 12-Month Investment 

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£1,450 annually (save £710)

Have a question? Setup a quick 1:1 with our founder Azfar to find out how this program can help you wow investors!

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

30 Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Your 12-Month Investment 

Don't Wait. Get Your Business Investor Ready Today 

$597 for 6 months

$2997 (save $585)